This blog is written by Amanda Jefferies and Marija Cubric from University of Hertfordshire and it is about the JISC-funded EEVS project (Evaluating Electronic Voting Systems for Enhanced Student Experience)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Meeting with iTEAM

Yesterday we had a good, productive meeting with our colleagues from the iTEAM project. The iTEAM guys  are doing some great work in the area of EVS deployment and adoption across the University, while Amanda and I concentrate on collecting, analysing and making sense of an ever increasing amount of data coming from students and staff using EVS. The way we work with the iTEAM is based on two-way information sharing on our work in progress: the issues they experience and lessons learned from 'the trenches'  provide direction and focus for our data collection and analysis, while our progressive findings help them in tuning their strategy and implementation. So, for example, we had a very interesting discussion on whether or not the University should adopt a single type of a handset ... More on this to come in our preliminary findings and reports ... Stay tuned!

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