This blog is written by Amanda Jefferies and Marija Cubric from University of Hertfordshire and it is about the JISC-funded EEVS project (Evaluating Electronic Voting Systems for Enhanced Student Experience)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Interim report

Phew ! We managed to publish the interim report on time, despite all other things going on in the background (teaching, marking, open days, programme validation events etc).
Writing report was a good experience as it reminded us of  how much we achieved in the last 5-6 months! We collected vast amounts of data through staff interviews, students' blogs, campus-wide questionnaire, and also, by listening to what our students and colleagues have to say about the technology...  Most importantly, we got a really good spread of data across different subject groups (e.g. business, computer science, law, engineering, life sciences, psychology, other humanities, creative arts etc)  so it will be really interesting to compare and contrast findings across different disciplines. We are both really looking forward to a well-deserved break over Easter holidays, and to a start of more focused data analysis in April. Happy Easter to everyone!

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