This blog is written by Amanda Jefferies and Marija Cubric from University of Hertfordshire and it is about the JISC-funded EEVS project (Evaluating Electronic Voting Systems for Enhanced Student Experience)

Monday, 18 June 2012

EEVS @ IBLC etc.

Summer is almost here, marking is finished, preliminary EEVS data analysis is complete and we are starting to report on some initial findings !
Last week we presented on EEVS at the Seventh International Blended Learning Conference (IBLC). This gave us an opportunity to share preliminary findings from our project not only with our colleagues from iTEAM and UH, but also with Lisa, Marianne  and others from the JISC Assessment and Feedback team. We got some interesting feedback from the audience and some good suggestions for further analysis. For example, our colleague Steve Bennett from the School of Computer Science suggested that we could look at the (potentially) changing attitudes of our student bloggers as they progressed with their reflections - the longitudinal aspects of collected data will definitely be something interesting to look at and interpret!
This week we are presenting  preliminary findings at the internal L&T forum where we will meet again with our  colleagues from the iTEAM project. Other than that, we are both pleased with the work we have done so far, and looking forward to publish some of that after we complete the analysis and report. In addition to promised outcomes, we seem to be creating more and more interesting resources that have potential to be re-used by other similar 'technology adoption' projects e.g. students questionnaire, staff questionnaire, staff interview questions, methodology based on 'reflective blogs', instructions for student bloggers etc All these we intend to share via out Design Studio page. More to follow soon...

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