This blog is written by Amanda Jefferies and Marija Cubric from University of Hertfordshire and it is about the JISC-funded EEVS project (Evaluating Electronic Voting Systems for Enhanced Student Experience)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

We are almost there! Today is the final JISC programme meeting, and I am on my way to Birmingham (literally typing this blog in a train). I am looking forward to meeting JISC folks and other Strand B project leaders and sharing the EEVS findings with them. I like the idea of 'marketplace'  - great metaphor for for resource-sharing!

Amanda will be following the event from Australia (via email updates), where she has recently started her mini research sabbatical (lucky her!) 

Reflecting back on project experience, I can say that it was tough, (in combination with teaching, research and other activities) but definitely rewarding, as we found some really interesting things which  we were able to build into a coherent story at the end. Equally important -  we learned couple of useful things on the way...

Big thank you to JISC guys and gals who definitely 'kept us on our toes' throughout the project with frequent project updates and progress meetings, and yes - that was helpful!

Finally, while this is a formal end of the project, we are already booked for many other EEVS-related events and activities : HeLF in London at the end of October, HETL in Florida in January, local dissemination at Hertfordshire, to name a few....

So, the EEVS will continue to live for at least another 6 months - in the meantime, please visit our Design Studio page and feel free to re-use some of the resources we created. 

Ciao !

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